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Electronic and Motorized Wheelchairs repairing and service

Innerpeace healthsupport solutions is specialize in power wheelchair repair, service, and maintenance work in Jaipur. Our Wheelchair and Scooter Repair services are well equipped for providing complete assessment and assistance to you and we can also customized your wheelchair accordingly that suits you most.

To meet our customers’ needs, we offer a range of services and rely on only the highest quality parts to ensure that their wheelchairs are in peak condition. Our repair services are hugely beneficial not only because you will be able to enjoy full mobility once more, but also because they’re designed with your needs and convenience in mind.

Completely in-house power wheelchair repair
Professional and courteous service technicians
Loaner chairs provided in rare case off-site service is required

We do provide our spare wheelchairs to our customer so that their mobility can never be restricted due to absence of wheelchair. You can rest easy knowing that your wheelchair will be serviced with little to no impact on your daily activities.

We specialize in in-home power wheelchair and scooter repair and have experienced service technicians.

We will repair and service:
Battery Chargers
Any other needed repairs or spare parts.

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