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Home Mobility Modifications

Persons with limited mobility or restricted body movements like elders, wheelchair bound persons, needs some modification in their homes, bathrooms, living area, kitchen and workplaces to complete daily routine work and improve safety.

We are the leading service provider for such modification for assisted living in Jaipur. We manufacturer and supplier for products for seniors living at home, assisted bathing products, assisted living products and services from Jaipur.

We are providing custom designed products, services and layouts for homes for our customers so that our products can matches to their life style and habits.

Modification In Kitchen For Assisted Living - Safety is a big concern when helping a senior live independently. One room of the house which is used often, but which also presents a number of serious safety hazards, is the kitchen. With a few modifications, a kitchen can become safer and easier to use for any senior living alone.

Modification In Bathrooms For Assisted Living - With many seniors over the age of 65 intending to stay in their own place instead of opting for assisted living, there are some simple modifications needed in their bathroom that would make it safer.

It also adds comfort and convenience to them and fulfills their desire to remain in their own homes without help. Some work we can be done to making bathroom suitable for assisted person like using proper tub and shower, installing grab bars, toilet safety frames and tension pole, handheld shower, Commode height can be raised with the help of commode raiser.

Modification In Bedroom For Assisted Living - Some modification can be done in bed room layout and change in bed room furniture to increase safety on user and increase mobility. Using Clapping Lights, Walker or Cane near Bed, Bars on the Wall, Rails on the Bed, Low height Beds, Portable Toilets in the Bedroom can be very useful for making bedroom assisted to a elder person.

Modification In Workplaces For Assisted Living - Modification can be done with workplace of disabled to parsons with limitation of mobility to improve easiness in working and quality of work. We are providing custom services in workplace modification.

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