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Anti Slip Mats

The bathroom is among the most common places where most individuals slip or fall at home; therefore, Patient Handling provides a vast range of anti slip mats for our elderly and disabled loved ones.

Our wide range in anti skit mats are widely used by patients at home and by hospitals to prevent fall and ensure safety.

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Wet floors, especially those in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, and balcony, are always susceptible to water damage. Bathroom accidents owing to wet floors or slippery tiles are among the most common causes, particularly among older generations with mobility issues and pregnant women.

Unintentional spills in these regions as well as when it rains can also lead to unpleasant incidents. An anti slip mat is placed in the bathroom so that older generations and others may take their daily showers without fear of slipping and falling. Anti slip mats are adaptable and dynamic nature, making them perfect for a wide range of applications and purposes, not just for the bathroom.

For instance, anti slip mats could be used in the kitchen, near the front door of your home or even outside. Having the ability to shower and wash with no difficulties at home or even during holidays helps us go out, meet up with our loved ones and even participate in social activities confidently, enjoying life with no worries!

If you have any queries regarding our anti slip mats offered by Innerpeace or would love some guidance regarding our anti slip mats that would be ideal for all your needs, please feel free to contact us.

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