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Geriatric Wheelchairs

Geriatric Wheelchairs (or Geri Chairs as they are often called) are a comfortable, fully reclining chair with wheels so that they can be used for mobility. These chairs are great for older users with limited mobility as they allow for easier assistance from a caregiver or attendant.

Geriatric Wheelchairs are not as portable as transport chairs but many are still narrow enough to fit through standard doorways. Their advantage comes from the full padding and cushioning provided throughout the chair.

Geriatric Wheelchairs are ideal for users recovering for surgery as their reclining backrest and elevating leg rests can help improve blood circulation while allowing the user to remain comfortable.

Found in hospitals and rehab clinics, Geriatric Wheelchairs, in their fully reclined position, can also be used as a temporary bed.

Finding the perfect geriatric wheelchair will depend on the different features and individual needs. Geriatric wheelchairs are great for those who have limited mobility but still want to maintain some independence. Wheelchairs that are heavy-duty can be ideal for the elderly, depending on the individual, while lightweight chairs can be useful for those who need to travel more.

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