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Electrotherapy Equipment

Pioneers in the industry, we offer nerve & muscle stimulator, electrotherapy equipment, nerve, muscle and interferential stimulator, ultrasound equipment, combo stimulator and ultrasound therapy machine jus-1 from India.

The following are different types of electrotherapy devices:

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS): Used to manage acute and chronic pain.
                • Neuromuscular Electrical Nerve Stimulation (NMES/EMS): Used to manage pain, promote healing, and re-educate muscles toward return to function.
                • Short Wave Diathermy: Used to treat inflammatory conditions and reduce swelling, modulate pain, promote enhanced localized circulation and vasodilation towards increased compliance of connective tissue for greater joint mobility.
                • Laser Light Therapy: Used to heal injured tissues through the use of light-emitting diodes exerting their effect on chromophores to convert light energy to produce more cellular ATP and the energy to synthesize enzymes, DNA, RNA and other materials for tissue repair.
                • Iontophoresis: Used to administer certain medications through the skin to treat superficial tissue inflammatory conditions, relax muscle spasms and modulate pain.

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