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C Pap Machines

We are  the leading supplier for all brands of  C Pap and auto cpap machines In Jaipur. We are authorized service partner for many cpap brands.

A CPAP machine sends a steady flow of oxygen into your nose and mouth as you sleep. This keeps your airways open and helps you breathe normally.

A CPAP machine’s compressor (motor) generates a continuous stream of pressurized air that travels through an air filter into a flexible tube. This tube delivers purified air into a mask that’s sealed around your nose or mouth.

As you sleep, the airstream from the CPAP machine pushes against any blockages, opening your airways so your lungs receive plenty of oxygen.
This device is programmed to produce pressurized air at one steady air pressure level. To change the air pressure, you have to reset the device’s settings.

Brand: BMC Resmart Model: G2S A20 Auto CPAP
The BMC RESmart G2S A20 Auto Cpap is a self-adjusting pressure device with integrated humidifier. A smaller, light weight CPAP device with 2.4-inch color screen with a user-friendly interface with easy to use 3-button control panel.RESmart G2S Auto Cpap Machine is designed with an integrated humidif..
₹ 24,000
Brand: BMC Resmart Model: G3 A20 Auto CPAP
BMC G3 CPAP Automatic Pressure Machine with Humidifier and Integrated Heated Tubing is a premium CPAP from BMC Medical.Features of the G3 APAP series:Super Quiet Operation with multi-stage noise reduction technologyAuto-Humidity ControlPre-Heating Humidifier Option AvailableAuto-Ramp feature Senses ..
₹ 43,000
Brand: BMC Resmart Model: M1 Mini Travel Auto CPAP
The BMC M1 Mini is an Automatic Pressure Adjusting Travel CPAP device designed for the treatment of snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Hypopnea Syndrome (OSAHS). This travel CPAP device is BMC’s first smallest and most compact travel device – so tiny and lightweight it can easily fit in the pal..
₹ 48,000
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