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Bath Transfer Benches

We are the supplier for all kind of bathroom safety aids and products in Jaipur. Choose from our wide range of bathroom safety product and help to prevent risk of fall of elderly person.

A transfer bench can also be referred to as a transfer chair, shower bench, or showering bench. It is a bath safety mobility tool where the user sits on and enters the bathtub. The user normally sits on the bench that straddles the tub’s side and slowly slides from the outside and into the tub’s inside. Transfer benches are used by individuals who have difficulties getting into the shower or over the tub wall, either due to disabilities or an illness.

They help to enhance your safety. The probability of falling or slipping is most likely on someone’s mind, but a transfer bench assists to keep your mind from worries. Using a bathroom bench aids to improve safety by reducing the possibility of you slipping or falling by offering a safe area in a slippery bath or shower. A bath transfer bench is ideal for persons using wheelchairs, our beloved elderly, or any person who gets excessive movement painful or challenging.

A nice hot shower is supposed to relax and rejuvenate you. When getting into and out of the bathtub is difficult or even dangerous, it seriously detracts from the enjoyment and benefits of a shower. If you can’t lift your legs and stay balanced or if standing in a wet tub puts you at a greater risk of a fall, a transfer bench for a shower or tub can safely get you into a safe, seated, and much more enjoyable shower.

By sliding across this transfer bench, you don’t risk a fall that could come with trying to step into your bathtub. Ideal if you have limited mobility, pain, or partial paralysis and can’t lift your legs high enough to safely get them over the tub edge, this bath transfer bench can help you make a safe lateral transition for showering. The height of each leg is independently adjustable in half-inch increments, so this tub transfer bench is easily leveled for stability. 

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