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Bed Wedges & Support Pillows

Wedge pillows have all sorts of benefits, from helping you sleep in a comfortable position to controlling acid reflux at night. But the amount of choices seems endless.
Wedge pillows are a specialty item and, in some cases, considered a medical expense.

They tend to be a little more expensive than regular cotton or down pillows. A bed wedge is a pillow placed under a patient to assist them in positioning their body and posture when resting in the bed.

Triangle pillows are typically designed for a standard firm foam and are usually triangular and with a sharp incline. This shape plays a huge role in assisting the individual using the wedge pillow to maintain a semi-upright position while sleeping.

These are among the few widespread benefits of a wedge pillow; while some individuals enjoy the feel of triangle pillows, many sleepers end up choosing one for a particular health reason. When you ask a number of support pillow users, you will realize that everyone has their own taste and unique needs. It is due to the wedge pillows’ versatility that makes them so popular.

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