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Fall Prevention Products & Alarms

We offer fall prevention equipment and even others from the most superior and popular brands In Jaipur With best prices.
People age, and due to the escalation and places significant for the loved ones and the care and health care providers, it is essential to prevent the occurrence and improve the elderly fall prevention. Besides, falls can lead to severe and, in some situations, life-threatening injuries such as sprains, bruises, cuts, fractures, and bone breakages. 
Most falls happen in patient rooms and are the result of a patient trying to move from a bed, chair or toilet without adequate assistance. Since hospital staff are busy taking care of multiple patients at any given time, there’s a big risk that a patient will try to get up on their own when they are medicated, injured, or otherwise unable to safely do so by themselves.
To combat this risk, alarm systems such as bed alarms or chair alarms are often used to alert nursing staff when at-risk patients attempt to get up without assistance.
Fall prevention should be matched with the other priorities for the patient. The patient is normally not at the hospital due to the falls; therefore, attention is seamlessly directed elsewhere. However, a fall by a sick patient might be disastrous and increase the recovery duration process.

Falls are common and serious threats to patient safety, setting back the patient’s recovery and prolonging their time in hospital. Falls and their subsequent injuries are a major risk factor especially for the elderly, who are already frailer and more likely to suffer serious injury from a fall.

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