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Urinals & Beds Pans

Managing incontinence is more than simply shopping for the ideal pants or pad to wear throughout the day. If you or someone you live with is immobile and has incontinence, it is important to also think about the useful products you need in the home.

A bed pan can be an important piece of equipment for the chronically ill or bed-bound. Bed pans protect your bedding from incontinence and any spillages that may happen. If you are less mobile and can’t get to the toilet, they will give you peace of mind that you can go to the toilet without leaving your bed.

The bed pans can be used in a range of positions while the users are laid in bed or sat on the sofa. The design of the bed pan means that it is easy to use and will safely and cleanly collect liquids and faeces. 

Bedpans and urinals are invaluable accessories for those who cannot get out of a bed to use a standard toilet. However, many people are not aware of the large variety of these products that are available in the market.

When shopping for bedpans and urinals for you or a loved one, considering the different shapes and varieties of products you can buy can make all of the difference.

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