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Homecare Beds

We are leading manufacturer for Home Care Hospital beds for patients Based in Jaipur. Our range of hospital beds for patients are economic in price, easy to transport and assemble by self, included with quality hospital bed mattress.

We can use our home care hospital bed for any type of homecare patient and customized patient care beds are also manufacturer on order.

We are delivering home care hospital beds for patients across India and hospital bed accessories can also be provided by us. We are also dealing with air bed for patients ,Water beds for patients, ICU beds for home use, Manual beds for patients etc.

We have a range of beds to suit all needs. From the premium designed and manufactured range of clinical and care beds to the I-Care and Peak Sigma beds specifically designed for the home care environment. We offer good value beds for use in hospitals, aged care facilities and for home care.

Adjustable beds, which can also be referred to as recliner beds, come with tremendous benefits. For instance, they make it easier for you to do some activities while in bed, such as reading, surfing the internet, watching TV, and many others.

We ensure that all our hospital beds for home are adjustable for you to acquire the best and most comfortable position to fit the activity you are performing. Also, for the back sleepers, mainly, an adjustable bed lets you raise your feet and head slightly for a more relaxed sleeping posture.

You suffer from acid reflux or snoring, raising your head position with an electric bed can help reduce the symptoms that might be keeping you awake. Furthermore, if you have an injury on your lower body, including a broken leg or a sprained ankle, an electric bed permits you to raise your limbs; if you also experience poor circulation in your legs, this is an ideal product for you.

Folding Bed Rail for Bed Assist Handle Safety Guard Folding Bed Rail for Bed Assist Handle Safety Guard
Authorized Channel Partner
Brand: Inspark Medical Model: Slider Guard
Simple one-button folding design easy to not take up space.Alu handrail with wood grain design fits in nicely with your home decor.Assist Bed Rails are folding rails designed for home beds that attach to one or both sides of a bed to prevent an individual from falling out of bed.especially f..
₹ 2,800
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