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Grabber & Reacher Tools

Using the comfortable handle and easy-access button, you'll be grabbing anything and everything in no time. It quickly clutches and releases the claw so you never have to do too much to get what you need. It even comes with a magnetic piece that functions to firmly secure metal items.

When things are too high, you may consider grabbing a chair to give you a boost but that's not always a good idea. Unstable stepping stools and ladders can lead to falls so you may need to consider other options. It's also great for picking up sharp shards or bacteria filled items.

We all need a little helping hand at one point or another. From a step stool to serve as a little boost for reaching things high up and tool grips for a better handle on tools, to grabber tools that aid us in grabbing objects we can’t reach whether it’s due to a recent operation, an injury, backache, or general mobility limitations. Other grabber tool uses are picking up items of waste that we don't want to have to touch with our hands, like cleaning the yard or collecting garbage at a beach.

These tools also come in handy for those without mobility issues. In many factories, warehouses, and conveyor chain systems of working, these tools can help get the job done faster and more efficiently by providing a type of hand and arm extension and alleviating the need for workers to get up all the time for repetitive actions and tasks.

Reacher Grabber Tool, 32" Foldable Grabbers for Elderly Reacher Grabber Tool, 32" Foldable Grabbers for Elderly
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Brand: Inspark Medical Model: GRT
EASY GRABBING: Reacher grabber to pick up items with easy, picks up coins, envelops, trash etc, easily pull the trigger, it starts work, reduces labor intensity, makes our work become easier.EXTRA STRENGTH GRIPPER: Textured rubberized ends easy to grab 1-2 pounds of objects that don't fall off, it c..
₹ 3,500
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