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Patient Evacuation Aids

We do provide high-quality evacuation equipment especially for emergency situations and evacuations from hospitals or other healthcare institutions. In this way you can evacuate wheelchair users, highly pregnant people and bed-bound people quickly, safely and comfortably in the event of an emergency. In short: all persons with a permanent or temporary limitation.

By using evacuation equipment your hospital is prepared for any kind of evacuation.

The responsibility of availing evacuation services for commercial premises legally lies with any individual who has any extent of control of the building, for example, the service provider, employers, or owners. Therefore, what are the primary responsibilities of the person responsible for the non-domestic premises?

The most vital question that one needs to answer before deciding to purchase patient evacuation aids for evacuating the elderly and disabled is whether you are in a position to evacuate the premises, down the flights of stairs, without help, in a swift manner in case of emergency.

If not, then patient evacuation aids are needed. The most apparent individuals who need them are those who use wheelchairs or have an apparent physical ability. Besides, it is vital to consider people with underlying medical problems, including epilepsy or heart conditions that can be triggered by increased anxiety or exertion in an evacuation process.

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