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Patient Transfer Aids

Patient Transfer Aids are practical aids that assist patients in transferring them from one position to another and helps to transfer patients with relative ease and with fewer staff. Please have a look at our range of able assist transfer aids, and if you have any questions about the transfer aids, please give us a call.

It can be very challenging and difficult to take care of our loved ones with mobility issues, such as the elderly and people with disabilities. 

Bariatric transfer device technology can immensely reduce the physical difficulty the care provider requires for performing safe, secure, and efficient transfer in the home.

Patient transfer aids can minimize the need and cost for extra caregivers. Having safe, secure, and efficient patient transfer equipment can offer smooth transfer management and make the procedure easier; many times, it needs fewer care providers to perform the transfer and aim it simple for the caregiver to manage activities, including positioning or other activities, including clothing management for bathroom activities.

The cost of investing in an efficient patient transfer device or able assist transfer aid can pay for itself countless times over when it removes the necessity for additional carers. Also, patient transfer devices offer freedom.

Brand: Ostrich Mobility Model: Climber EX
Climber is an innovative product which helps with the help of attender to evacuate ( climb up and down ) thru the staircase.Ostrich presents Climber EX-Automated Emergency Stair Climbing Chair, a useful mobility aid for people with limited mobility, injuries or for senior adults. This aid allows the..
₹ 105,000
Brand: Ostrich Mobility Model: Raise Ex
Patient Hoist Raise Ex is designed for short-range movement of critical patients to reduce injuries, when including moving through the bed, etc.This product can be used in home care, hospitals, disability rehabilitation centers and other places for disability, in short distance transfer reduce ..
₹ 69,000
Patient Lift Commode Transfer Wheelchair Patient Lift Commode Transfer Wheelchair
Authorized Channel Partner
Brand: Inspark Medical Model: Star
EFFICIENT NURSING WHEELCHAIR: It allows the patient to bathe and go to the toilet alone, and the accompanying person will not feel embarrassed. It solves the problem of difficulty in moving the wheelchair to the sofa, bed, toilet, seat, etc., and facilitates travel, toileting, etc. Nursing work such..
₹ 29,000
Transfer Board - Patient Slide Assist Device for Transferring Patient Transfer Board - Patient Slide Assist Device for Transferring Patient
Authorized Channel Partner
Brand: Inspark Medical Model: Transfo
SAFE AND EASY TRANSFERS: Aiding in the transfer between a bed, chair, wheelchair and more, the wooden transfer board allows individuals to move with greater independence and protects caregivers from injury. A durable, smooth finish allows individuals to more easily slide to their destination with mi..
₹ 4,500
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