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Transfer & Walking Belts

A walking belt is used for safe and secure handling and mobility in clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, or homes. It helps individuals with any injuries, old age, brittle joints; they are generally sturdy belts. A patient should be at least partially ambulatory, meaning they should be able to handle their weight to some level to use the transfer belt.

Walking belts for the disabled are used to prevent accidents. There are some situations when the patient is so frail that they easily fall. In such cases, the care provider can help the patient with some effort from the patient.

Furthermore, a walking belt is used to prevent back injury of the care provider. When helping the elderly, sick, or injured patient, high chances are that the care giver is on the receiving end of an injury.

This belt lowers the chances of experiencing a back injury that can be otherwise severe and life-threatening for the care provider. The buckle’s teeth are safely placed to provide optimum comfort and satisfaction for the patient.

Wheelchair Seat Belt Restraint Adjustable Wheelchair Seat Belts Wheelchair Seat Belt Restraint Adjustable Wheelchair Seat Belts
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