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Patient Floor Hoists

Manual handling and transfers in hospitals have the potential to cause strain and injury for both patients and nurses / care givers.

The use of patient hoists can reduce the risks associated with manual transfers. 

Patient hoists work with the addition of a sling, which supports the patient while the care givers operates the hoist, using it to lift and move the patient.

We offer a range of patient hoists for use in a variety of care environments, from leading manufacturers including Inspark and arjo.

Having a floor hoist at home is an incredible source of aid when an elderly or invalid person has to be manually lifted. Lifting an immobile person manually could often result in back pain or injury.

Therefore, using a floor hoist or lifting device comes in useful when transferring patients from one place to another and it is also more comfortable and easier for the person being cared for and the caregiver.

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