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Back Support Pillows & Cushions

Buy Back Support Pillows & Cushions For Patients In Jaipur From Innerpeace. We are the leading supplier for back support pillows and cushions for patients in Jaipur for best prices with super foam quality.

Larger and longer than most lumbar pillows, this one is built to also help support your upper and middle back. The curved shape is designed to align to your spine, helping promote good posture and relieving muscle tension.

Most of us will suffer from some back pain at some point in our lives. But when back pain becomes chronic, it can really begin to have a huge impact on your life. When you feel your back hurting all the time, you see yourself withdrawing from your daily activities.

Doing household chores, spending time with your family, or even sitting down to work, it all feels hard. Though back pain can stem from numerous chronic ailments, one of the very common causes for it is poor posture.

If your spine is curved into a hunch all day, it puts a strain on your ligaments and spine itself. That's when your back begins to ache. That isn't it, poor posture can pull your spine out of alignment which further stresses out your hip and knees.

It can also impact the circulation of blood in your body while leaving your limbs numb. No doubt, you would feel more fatigued as your body is facing issues that it wasn't supposed to be.

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