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Pressure Relief Cushions

Choose from our extensive range of pressure cushions is for people at risk of developing pressure ulcers. Pressure relief cushions are designed to reduce the chance of developing sores caused by spending extended periods of time in the same position.

Essential Aids supplies a wide range of cushions, with materials ranging from standard foam, memory foam, gel, and inflatable synthetic rubber. Using a pressure sore cushion in an armchair, wheelchair or in the bed itself may have benefits.

A pressure relieving cushion has weight distribution properties which reduce friction on certain vulnerable areas of the body. Among the most popular products in this category is the cut-out pressure relief cushion, which prevents pressure build-up at the base of the spine.

We are the leading supplier and manufacturer for variety of pressure relief cushion including gel cushions, foam cushions in Jaipur at best prices with genuine product warranty. Buy Quality Pressure Relief Cushions In Jaipur From Innerpeace

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