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Patient Hoists & Slings

This category is devoted to patient lifts and slings, which work together to form complete patient transfer systems. Choose among our mechanical lifting devices for patients.

Lifts are mechanisms used to hoist the disabled patient that needs to be moved, while slings hook up to the lift’s arm and cradle the patient during transfer.
We carry manual, power, stand up, overhead, bath, and pool lifts, along with a variety of patient slings.

With offerings from top brands like Invacare, Medline, and Drive, available at affordable discount prices, you can’t go wrong! If you’re looking for a safe, efficient way to transfer the person in your care from one room or area to another, look no further.

Patient hoists were developed to assist carers in moving patients via a suitable manual handling method.  Also to assist in reducing healthcare related injuries at work.
Hoists are often installed into homes to help patients, however they can also be installed into homes for those who need assistance at home or receive care in their own home.

Hoists can make tasks a lot easier and more efficient for carers and provide comfort and support for the patients themselves. There are many hoists available on the market, all with varying specifications and capabilities. 

Slings for Patient Lifts are used together with patient lift systems to transfer a disabled patient from one place to another such as from bed to a chair or from a wheelchair into a bath tub.

They are easy for the caregiver to use and provide secure support to the patient. These slings are available in a variety of styles and fabrics to meet specific patient needs.

The mobile floor lifter is used in a homecare environment as well as an aged care facility or hospital. The primary benefit of using a hoist versus performing patient handling techniques with staff is that it reduces the potential for injury of both the carer and the patient.

When trained correctly, it may be possible to transfer with reduced staff, thereby reducing costs.

Available also are portable patient hoists. These portable hoists also fold and are designed to be easily transported by one person. This allows a user to travel by plane, train, cruise ship, or any means that is well designed to support people with disabilities. Depending on the level of mobility, the user may be able to travel alone or with one caregiver.
There are different kinds of patient hoists; however, they all operate using the same method. A sling supports the patient and attaches to the sling bar of the unit. Once the patient is securely supported the care giver operates the lifting mechanism. This is the first part of the transfer.

Compact Folding Full Body Patient Transfer Lifter for Home Use and Facilities Compact Folding Full Body Patient Transfer Lifter for Home Use and Facilities
Authorized Channel Partner
Brand: Inspark Medical Model: PPH-09
COMPACT PATIENT LIFTER: Perfect for travel, this lightweight lift can be folded to fit in most car trunks and is perfect for easy storage or transportation. When open, it fits underneath most beds so it can be used even in small rooms.SAFETY FEATURES: An emergency stop button, dual rear locking cast..
₹ 120,000
Gantry hoist system For Home And Hospitals
Authorized Channel Partner
Brand: Inspark Medical Model: GHS-01
Ultra-rigid construction.No tools required for assembly.Straight rail with continuous load.Compatible with any motor.Use up to 200 kg...
₹ 340,000
Brand: Arjo Huntleigh Model: Clip
An All-Day general purpose clip sling for general transfers is suitable for residents / patients who are in a wheelchair for a long period of time every day, and it also meets their showering or bathing needs. The mesh material allows water to pass easily through the sling. It's suitable for a range..
₹ 20,000
Lateral transfer & repositioning slings Lateral transfer & repositioning slings
Authorized Channel Partner
Brand: Inspark Medical Model: Lateral Position
We are the one stop solution provider for Sling solutions for repositioning in bed and transfers in a supine position.Popular and extremely versatile solution for repositioning and lateral transfers within a residential/hospital environment. The Inspark Repositioning Sling offers superior pressure m..
₹ 21,000
Molift Duo Gantry Frame Molift Duo Gantry Frame
Authorized Channel Partner
Brand: Inspark Medical Model: Molifit Dua
Molift have recently developed the Molift Duo range of gantry or portable ceiling hoists.  This style of hoist is ideally suited to clients who may be in rented accommodation or have premises that are not suited to a conventional ceiling hoist installation.Gantry systems can be erected in minut..
₹ 290,000
Brand: Ostrich Mobility Model: Raise Ex
Patient Hoist Raise Ex is designed for short-range movement of critical patients to reduce injuries, when including moving through the bed, etc.This product can be used in home care, hospitals, disability rehabilitation centers and other places for disability, in short distance transfer reduce ..
₹ 69,000
Power Ceiling Hoist For Patients Power Ceiling Hoist For Patients
Authorized Channel Partner
Brand: Inspark Medical Model: Molifit
An easy-install E-track that runs along the walls makes it simple and convenient to install this systemSingle motor has a weight capacity of up to 600 lbs.Two motors can be combined with reinforced track to handle up to 150 Kgs.Auto-locking cradle design for safe patient liftingTrack lengths may be ..
₹ 340,000
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