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Patient Sit to Standing Hoists

Mobility challenges, especially as we age, can greatly impact our well-being. The ability to stand upright, even for short periods, can affect how we feel physically and mentally. 
If you have some mobility and can bear some bodyweight, but are lacking the strength or muscle control to rise from a bed, chair, or commode on your own, a standing lift can help you safely and comfortably get to a standing position and transfer locations.
If you or a loved one needs assistance getting up from a seated position, a sit to stand lift is essential.
Whether it’s a Power or Manual lift, it is a must-have for daily activities like bathing, dressing and moving from a seated position. We are leading supplier and manufacturer for sit to stand lifts in India.
A sit-to-stand lift can help you reach a natural standing posture, develop balance and strength, improve range of motion, decrease muscle spasms and contractures, alleviate pain and risk of pressure sores from spending too long in one position, and decrease your fall risk.

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