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Pulse Oximeter & Sensors

Pulse oximetry is a noninvasive procedure, which means it does not introduce any instrument into the body. In fact, it is done using only a small, clip-on device called the pulse oximeter sensor, which is attached to a part of the body, usually on a finger, toe, or earlobe. Pulse oximetry sensors vary in size and shape and are offered in both reusable and single-use applications.

Model: Max NI Disposable
We are the leading supplier and distributor for patient handling products and medical equipment in Jaipur. Buy 24pcs / Box Nellcor Covidien Max NI Disposable Neonatal-Adult SpO2 Sensors in Jaipur at best prices from us with genuine product warranty and best after sale service support.Our experi..
₹ 15,000
Brand: Contec Model: cms 8000
Original ECG lead for Contec CMS8000 patient monitor.Specifications:Cable type – 6 Pin, 5 Lead, Snap typeCompatible with Contec CMS 8000..
₹ 3,300
Brand: Contec Model: ETCO2 CO2
CONTEC Sidestream ETCO2 Module Respiratory CO2 Sensor for Contec patient monitors.Features & Specifications:Method: Sidestream or MainstreamMeasuring Range: 0~150mmHgResolution:0~69 mmHg, 0.1 mmHg70~150 mmHg, 0.25 mmHgAccuracy:0~40 mm Hg ±2 mm Hg41~70 mm Hg ±5%71~100 mm Hg ±8%101~150 mm Hg ±10%A..
₹ 35,000
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