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Batteries & Chargers

When it comes to reliable transport, the wheelchair charger is easily as important as the battery of the wheelchair itself. Wheelchair battery chargers can vary slightly in shape, size, and voltage capacity, but all are essential in providing the ability to keep your mobility device's batteries charged and you on-the-go. 

We carry all the top brands including Drive, Invacare and Pride Mobility.

With expert advice and a low price guarantee, we promise you'll get the best power wheelchair battery chargers at the best price. These chargers plug into a standard wall outlet and take 8-14 hours to fully charge.

Chargers have an auto shut-off feature so the batteries will not be overcharged. Wheelchair chargers dispense a steady charge to your wheelchair, making for fast and easy charging for virtually all makes and models of wheelchair.

Our wheelchair chargers have been sourced and selected for their reliability, robust build and powerful maintenance free performance. Connecting wheelchair chargers is both quick and easy as they have very simple connectors that are easy to handle and connect properly

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