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Pediatric Wheelchairs

With Our Wide range of pediatric wheelchairs are designed specifically for your child's development and independence. Available with a full range of options and accessories, they're wheelchairs that can be as distinctive as your child's personality.

Plus, many of our pediatric wheelchairs can even grow with your child, so there's no big adjustment to swapping to a new wheelchair.

Specifically designed for children between the ages of 7 and 15 years, the Our Kids Wheelchairs are multi-adjustable pediatric wheelchair that adapts with the child as they change and grow.
The adjustable seat width, depth, and height are just a few of the many built-in features that the chair offers. In addition, Our Kids Wheelchairs are  family accessories are compatible for use with Our Kids Wheelchairs.

Compact, foldable and lightweight, Our Kids Wheelchairs are young children have a different set of needs than adults. Aesthetically, devices designed for kids are often sleek and colorful, and functionally, they are typically lightweight and adjustable.

As any parent knows, young people don’t stay the same size for long and -- since a wheelchair is a major purchase -- you don’t want a simple growth spurt to render it useless.

That’s why our kids wheelchair category offers models that feature seat width and depth adjustability, elevating legrests, and other versatile features. If you’re looking for a safe, affordable mobility solution for the child in your care, you’re in the right place.

Wheelchairs designed for kids have a different set of features than those found in adult wheelchairs as children's needs are different from adults'. Pediatric wheelchairs often come in bright colors, playful designs, are lightweight, sleek, and adjustable.

As kids grow fast, the growth adjustability is a significant feature that parents want in the wheelchair. This is the primary reason pediatric wheelchairs are designed with seat depth and width adjustability, elevating leg rests, and other features that offer the versatility that parents desire. HPFY offers you a wide range of versatile wheelchairs that your special ones will love.

These are highly portable wheelchairs that make an excellent option for children with changing set of needs. They are great to be stored in tight spaces and taken along with you on long or small trips. They are simple to use and come with in-built adjustments to grow with your child as they grow.

Brand: ARREX HEALTHCARE Model: Clarna
USP: Durable: Medical Grade: Trusted by over 50 yearsUnisexFeatures:LightweightPortableDesigned in CanadaComfortableIncludes neck support, safety divider, and recliner backConditions Used For:1. Paralysis2. Musculoskeletal issues.3. Broken bones or injury to the legs or feet.4. Neurological iss..
₹ 16,000
Foldable Wheelchair For Cerebral Palsy Kids ( CP Wheelchair) Foldable Wheelchair For Cerebral Palsy Kids ( CP Wheelchair)
Authorized Channel Partner
Brand: Inspark Medical Model: CP098
This is the most suitable wheelchair for cerebral palsy kids. Fully customizable, light weight made up of aluminum frame. Foldable also.We Give Five Year Warranty On Our Cerebral Palsy Wheelchair. Features -Lightweight High quality steel foldable frame.Detachable and reclining leg rest.Det..
₹ 33,000
Karma Recliner Junior Reclining Foldable Wheelchair for Cerebral Palsy Children (Blue and Black) Karma Recliner Junior Reclining Foldable Wheelchair for Cerebral Palsy Children (Blue and Black)
Authorized Channel Partner
Brand: Karma Healthcare Model: C P Kid
Cerebral palsy wheelchairReclining featureElevating footrestTile featureAttendant brakesThis Karma wheelchair is specially made for patients suffering from cerebral palsy. Its features are reclining back rest, elevating footrest and tile feature...
₹ 30,000
Karma Stainless Steel Children Wheel Chair Karma Stainless Steel Children Wheel Chair
Authorized Channel Partner
Brand: Karma Healthcare Model: KIddo
Children Wheelchair from KarmaManual foldable wheelchairDurable & ComfortLight weight with Steel MadeEasy to useChildren Wheelchair from karma From the leading brand of wheel chairs -Karma health care Manual foldable wheelchair Durable & Comfort Light weight with Steel Made..
₹ 6,800
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