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Mobility & Walking Aids

We have wide variety of walking aid products available for sale basis in our store. We do provide best discount on products and our quality of products is very reliable. on rental basis. We have all the best brand in our cataloge so that you can choose among best quality products. We can provide customized solutions in walking aids as per patient need.

Mobility aids are devices designed to help people who have problems moving around enjoy greater freedom and independence. Typically people who have disabilities or injuries, or older adults who are at increased risk of falling, choose to use mobility aids.

These devices provide several benefits to users, including more independence, reduced pain, and increased confidence and self-esteem. A range of mobility devices is available to meet people’s needs – from canes and crutches to wheelchairs and stair lifts.

Many products are available to help you move around without the aid of a wheelchair or a motorized scooter. Walking aids help increase mobility independence of the elderly or disabled by providing devices designed to assist with walking.

We offer effective walking aids to help you become a little more mobile.
We provide walking aids for the elderly and people with special needs to help them while they are on their feet - such as walkers, canes and crutches. A walking aid is ideal for the times when they want to get out of their wheelchair for a little exercise and freedom.

These walking aids are all relatively lightweight and portable.

Brand: Panacea Model: Rolator
Ideal for seniors or any person with healthcare needs, this durable Medline medical rolling walker cart has a padded backrest for support and padded seat for users to rest in comfortRollator is light, weighing just 14 pounds, and folds flat for easy storage and transportationRollator walker has adju..
₹ 7,600
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