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Foam Wheelchair Cushions

Foam cushions were once considered a lightweight option in the world of wheelchair seating. But they now come in a wide variety of designs and incorporate advanced contouring features and positional support. 

Wheelchair cushions are meant to address four needs: comfort, stability, pressure relief, and positioning.
Of these, the most important for foam cushions is stability.

But today, foam cushions do more than provide a solid seating base! The foam cushions we are highlighting here are also super-comfortable, and suitable for various positioning needs. 
If you have minimal to moderate positioning needs and are searching for a lightweight, inexpensive cushion, a foam model might be best for you. Foam Cushions offer an affordable option for wheelchair users. And, like their air cushions cousins, they aren't just about comfort - although comfort is a huge benefit.

There are a host of health benefits provided by foam support cushions including relief from the constant pressure which can cause sores and possibly, skin breakdown. These cushion is ideal for use with sling upholstery wheelchairs.

The beveled bottom keeps the seating surface level, with no hammocking or sinking. These cushion is one solid block of foam, and lightly contoured for comfort and stability.

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