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Heavy Duty Wheelchair Cushions

Bariatric wheelchair cushions, also know as heavy duty wheelchair cushions, play a vital role for their owners by relieving pressure points. Our inventory includes cushions designed to support up to 150 Kgs., with widths of 20 inch to 30 inch. 

The right cushion is a must-have if you are using a wheelchair. The right cushion is not only essential for comfort but also helps wheelchair users in the prevention of pressure injuries.

The ideal cushion also helps in pressure management, positioning, and enhanced sitting balance. People with mobility issues who are confined to a wheelchair for a prolonged time are prone to pressure sores, even more, if they are overweight.

So we have to go for a bariatric cushion, also known as a heavy-duty cushion for an obese person, as the standard cushion is unsuitable. A bariatric wheelchair cushion is constructed of different materials such as highly resilient foam, gel, air, firm memory foam or a combination, is larger and wider than a regular wheelchair cushion and is designed to enhance comfort, trunk stability, and positioning for users weighing up to 150 Kgs..

Bariatric cushions are designed to hold and evenly distribute profound weights without losing shape. It is larger and wider than a standard wheelchair cushion and is designed to enhance comfort, sitting tolerance, trunk stability, and positioning.

They are not only sturdy but also soft and comfortable. High-density resilient foam is used to prevent bottoming out.

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