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Wheelchair Gel Cushions

Gel naturally absorbs shock and vibration, and acts as a sort of buffer between the  individual in the wheelchair and the uneven terrain upon which they may be navigating.

 These adaptive cushions provide a deeply cushioned feeling for long-time sitters, and are particularly wonderful for any person who has lost a substantial amount of either muscle mass or body fat and therefore has less natural padding to protect vulnerable sit bones. 
Gel cushions typically have a cover made of stretch fabric that is soft and flexible enough to prevent skin shearing and breakdown. Often, cushion covers are waterproof, and may also have a vapor-permeable layer or other way to prevent heat buildup and sweating. 

GEL CUSHION provides a natural, upright seated position without pain. The ergonomic design helps to increase blood flow and assists with pain in the lower back, neck, tailbone, shoulders and legs as well as muscle fatigue and sciatica & Best For patients .

These cushions can help prevent pressure ulcers, and remain cool and cushy during periods of extended sitting. If your wheelchair’s seat isn't up to snuff, we've got you covered.

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